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This text describes how to customize the homepage of your mine.

See also

General Layout for whole app look & feel.

If you have just installed a new mine, your homepage probably looks something like the following:


In order to do any sort of customizations, one has to add/edit a configuration file for the mine. You will find this file in webapp/src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/web.properties.

Open this file in your editor of choice and follow the text below.

Boxes Customization

The three prominent boxes on the homepage will contain a search functionality a list upload functionality and an info box. You can customise the text these contain and the box title.

Second box

begin.listBox.title = List Upload
begin.listBox.description = Enter a <strong>list</strong> of identifiers.

bag.example.identifiers=CG9151, FBgn0000099, CG3629, TfIIB, Mad, CG1775, CG2262, TWIST_DROME, \
tinman, runt, E2f, CG8817, FBgn0010433, CG9786, CG1034, ftz, FBgn0024250, FBgn0001251, tll, \
CG1374, CG33473, ato, so, CG16738, tramtrack,  CG2328, gt

Third box

The third/info box can contain a descriptive text about your mine or it can offer a link to a tour of the project. Take the example from FlyMine project:

begin.thirdBox.title = First Time Here?
begin.thirdBox.description = FlyMine integrates many types of data for <em>Drosophila</em>, \
<em>Anopheles</em> and other organisms. You can run flexible queries, export results and analyse lists of \
begin.thirdBox.link = http://www.flymine.org/help/tour/start.html
begin.thirdBox.linkTitle = Take a tour

By providing the .link parameter a button will be shown at the bottom of the box with a custom link of choice.

You can serve up a custom text in the third “information” box to the user, based on whether they have visited the homepage before or not. We do this through a cookie that will, for a year, indicate for your computer, that the homepage has been visited.

In order to change the values of the third box based on whether the user has visited the page or not, prepend the text “visited” before an uppercased key. For example, if one wanted to say “Welcome Back” instead of “First Time Here?” as the title of the box, we would add the following key=value pair:

begin.thirdBox.visitedTitle = Welcome Back

The fields that you do NOT set in this way, will simply show the text configured in the normal way. So even though someone has visited the homepage before, unless I add a “visited” property, the text stays the same as before.

RSS/Blog Feed

To add the RSS feed at the bottom right corner of the page, add the following to your MINE properties file (in .intermine file):

project.rss = http://<your_blog>/<your_feed_url>



Two latest entries will be shown in the box. If you want to provide a link underneath the entry listing to your blog, add the following to the config file:

links.blog = http://<your_blog>