This page lists how you can update the help sections of your InterMine.

Contextual help, the ? on each page

Set the URL in your properties file

On each page is a ? that links to help pages. Specify the main URL that this question mark should link to by setting the project.helpLocation property in your file.

If you don’t have help pages set up, link to FlyMine’s pages:


Set the context

  1. If the user is on a webpage defined in the properties file, then when they click the help link they will be forwarded to the help section for the page they were viewing.
  2. If the page they are on is not specified in the properties file, they will be forwarded to the first page of the help document.
  3. The context is determined by parsing the URL and taking the name of the current webpage, minus the .do. For example, go to FlyMine and click on the ‘templates’ tab, this is the URL: The parsed name of that webpage is “templates”.
  4. Below are the mappings from parsed webpage name to anchor names on the help page.<parsed webpage name> = <anchor in help.html file>

Your mine’s file is merged with this file, so entries you add to will overwrite the values listed above.

Data definitions

Update these in the file.