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Report WidgetsΒΆ

Have been retired and made into something better. Use Report Displayers instead.

See /embedding/apps-a or Apps/C Grunt Build. The changes are as follows:

  1. Widget becomes an App.
  2. The main class in presenter.[js|ts|ls|coffee] has been changed from Widget to App.
  3. A config file with dependencies for a particular App is moved to its folder in the form of a config.js file. The contents of this file is being exported and contains example config to be passed from middleware and/or client.
  4. The Java service serving Report Widgets has been retired from InterMine core.
  5. The Node.js service now works as a middleware. You can plug it into your (Node.js) app by passing an array of paths on local or remote systems where it can find the App sources.
  6. There is a repo for the Middleware and for the Sources.
  7. Folders and modules are now allowed and can be required across.
  8. The root App now needs to be exported from the main class.
  9. To use a template you need to include its suffix.