GO Annotation

Loads gene association files that link GO terms to genes or proteins.

Types of data loaded

genes, proteins, GO terms, publications, GO evidence

How to download the data

The data is available from http://www.geneontology.org

Configuration file (optional)

There is an optional configuration file that let’s you determine which type of object you create, and which identifier field you set. If your annotation file annotates genes and uses the primary identfier, these are the default values and you do not need to update the configuration file.

parameter definition possible values
typeAnnotated class of what is being annotated gene (default) or protein
identifier which field to set primaryIdentifier (default), symbol, or primaryAccession
readcolumn [1] which column to use for identifier identifier (default) or symbol
[1]See http://geneontology.org/docs/go-annotation-file-gaf-format-2.1/ for column descriptioins
# an example entry

How to load the data into your mine

project XML example

<source name="go-annotation" type="go-annotation">
  <property name="src.data.dir" location="/data/go-annotation"/>
   <property name="ontologyPrefix" value="GO"/>