Data and Widget Configuration

The webconfig-model.xml file configures aspects of how data appears on the InterMine webapp.

This file allows for inheritance - a subclass will inherit from its parent class but only if that subclass has no configuration. Configuration settings for the parent class do not overwrite settings for the subclass.

Field Configuration

You can configure which fields are displayed on report and result pages for each class in your model.

attribute name purpose required? default
fieldExpr field name yes
label human readable name no generated automagically
showInInlineCollection show field in inline collection (on report pages) no true
showInSummary add field to query when user clicks on ‘Summary’ button in QueryBuilder no true
showInResults show field in results table no true
outerInSummary configure outer-joins when user clicks on ‘Summary’ in QueryBuilder no false
doNotTruncate don’t truncate display no false
fieldExporter specify class to export file field no
sectionOnRight show on the right side of the page no false
sectionTitle if sectionOnRight=”true”, title for section on right no
openByDefault if sectionOnRight=”true”, whether or not this section should be open no false

For example:

<class className="org.flymine.model.genomic.Protein">
    <fieldconfig fieldExpr="primaryIdentifier"/>
    <fieldconfig fieldExpr="primaryAccession"/>
    <fieldconfig fieldExpr=""/>
    <fieldconfig fieldExpr="length" displayer="/model/sequenceShortDisplayerWithField.jsp" />
   < -- attribute links can now be displayed on protein list analysis pages -->
   <displayer src="attributeLinkDisplayer.tile"/>

Displaying Data on Report pages

ReportDisplayers allow custom display of particular data types on report pages, typically to replace default tables with more appropriate presentation of data.

<reportdisplayer javaClass=""

Export Configuration

Users can export data from InterMine in comma or tab-delimited files. InterMine also allows for the addition of custom exporters. To add a custom exporter, create a Java class to format the data and add an entry to the web config file, for example:

<tableExportConfig id="sequenceExporter" actionPath="/exportAction?type=sequenceExporter"
<tableExportConfig id="gff3Exporter" actionPath="/exportAction?type=gff3Exporter"

Widget Configuration

At the bottom of the config file are the configuration entries for widgets. Please see [wiki:Widgets] for detailed information about how to configure widgets.

<enrichmentwidgetdisplayer id="publication_enrichment"
                           title="Publication Enrichment"
                           description="Publications enriched for genes in this list."
                           constraints="[list],primaryIdentifier  = null"
                           views="secondaryIdentifier, symbol,,
                                 publications.title, publications.firstAuthor,
                                 publications.journal, publications.year, publications.pubMedId"