Setting Javascript Options

Many of the javascript tools included in InterMine pages can be customized at run-time with specific options. To do this the recommended practice is to include a custom set of option configurations in a javascript file that is included in your InterMine instance, or other embedding page. Do do this withing the context of the InterMine web-application, we recommend following the following steps:

  • Create a new javascript file, named something like model-includes.js, and place it in the MINE_NAME/webapp/src/main/resources directory.
  • Add your options to the file (see below).
  • Configure your mine to load this file on every page (see below).

Adding options to the file

If for instance you wanted to configure the result-tables so that their cell-previews appeared on ‘hover’ rather than on ‘click’, which is the default, and also to enable the ‘ChromosomeLocation’ formatter, you would want the contents of your options file to be something like:

(jQuery(function() { // run when the page has loaded.
  if (intermine) {   // but only if there is something to do.
    intermine.setOptions({CellPreviewTrigger: 'hover'});
      'Location.start': true,
      'Location.end': true
    }, 'intermine.results.formatsets.genomic');

Configuring your mine to load your custom file

In one of your properties files (ideal your model web properties file), add a property beginning with head.js.all. that names this file. If your file is my-mine-options.js, then this line might look like:

head.js.all.MY_JS_OPTIONS = my-mine-options.js