This is an InterMine used for testing new features, and for continuous integration tests on Travis. Its tables include: Employee, Company and Department. The mine does not contain biological data.

To start a testmine, run the setup script:

testmine $ ./setup.sh

It uses your UNIX username if you haven’t set the PSQL_USER, PSQL_PWD ENV variables. The script copies the testmodel.properties file into your home .intermine directory.

There are different targets to load data:

  • insertData - Loads basic data, e.g. EmployeeA, EmployeeB
  • loadsadata - Loads basic data set and testmodel_extra_data.xml
  • enormocorp - Loads basic data set, testmodel_extra_data.xml, and testmodel_enormo_data.xml

The setup script runs loadsadata.

# run to see which tasks are available for you
testmine $ ./gradlew tasks