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Loads interactions data from BioGRID

Types of data loaded

genes, proteins, interactions

How to download the data

From the download section of the BioGRID website:

Download the file named: BIOGRID-ORGANISM-[version]

How to load the data into your mine

project XML example

<source name="biogrid" type="biogrid">
  <property name="" location="/DATA/biogrid"/>
  <property name="" value="*psi25.xml"/>
  <property name="biogrid.organisms" value="7227 6239 4932"/>

Determines which gene identifiers are set. organisms - If none are configured, all interactions are stored.

This is what the gene looks like in biogrid

<primaryRef db="FLYBASE" id="FBgn001" />


To set your gene.identifier to be the shortLabel in the biogrid XML, use this config:



To set your gene.identifier field to be a value from an xref entry, use this syntax:



xref “db” value is not case sensitive, case seems to vary from file to file.