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Get the SoftwareΒΆ

The latest InterMine release is hosted on GitHub in the InterMine organization:


We don’t recommend you download the InterMine code directly. The compiled JARs are available for you to use instead.

  1. Create an account at GitHub.

  2. Visit the InterMine GitHub repository at and click on the “Fork” button in the top right corner of the page.

  3. Clone the forked InterMine repo to your local machine where git_username is the name of your GitHub account:

    $ git clone
  4. Check out the latest stable InterMine release from the ‘’‘master’‘’ branch:

    $ cd intermine
    $ git checkout master
    1. The other branches are used by InterMine developers for testing.
    2. If you would like to use a specific release of InterMine, you can use one of our tags
  5. To keep track of the original InterMine repo, assign the original repo to a remote called “upstream”

    $ git remote add upstream
  6. To pull changes in your local repository and merge them into your working files:

    $ git pull upstream

    You can also pull changes in your local repository without modifying your files

    $ git fetch upstream

    and merge any changes fetched into your working files

    $ git merge upstream/master

All InterMine code is freely available under the open source LGPL license.