All publications are referred to by PubMed id by other sources. This source should be included at the end of the build. It will query all PubMed ids from the database (where the title, year, or first author columns are NULL), fetch details from the Entrez web service and fill in Publication objects.

Types of data loaded

None, the publciation records already in the database are updated.

How to download the data

Data is fetched from the NCBI web site for publication records already in the InterMine database.

How to load the data into your mine

project XML example

<source name="update-publications" type="update-publications" dump="true">
  <property name="" location="publications.xml"/>
  <!-- <property name="loadFullRecord" value="true"/> -->


  1. loadFullRecord - load MeSH terms and abstract, value “true”/”false”