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InterMine 1.3.1 supports the JBrowse REST web-service specification (see configuring JBrowse) which means that you can run a JBrowse installation directly off the InterMine web-services.

This documentation has been tested with JBrowse-1.11.5.

NOTE: If you already have a JBrowse installation working and just want to embed it in your report pages then see: Embedding JBrowse.

Build Your InterMine Database

Add this to the <post-processing> section of your project XML file and then build your database:

<post-process name="populate-child-features"/>

See Post processing for details.

Install JBrowse

You will need an installation of JBrowse for this task. Instructions on doing this can be found at installing JBrowse.

Add JBrowse to InterMine

Add JBrowse to your report pages by adding this entry to your webconfig-model.xml file:

<reportdisplayer javaClass=""

See Report Displayers Examples for more information.

Add the location of your JBrowse installation to your file, for example:

jbrowse.install.url =

Point JBrowse at your InterMine

Add your new mine-based dataset to your configuration file. For example to add D. melanogaster data from FlyMine as a JBrowse dataset, the following configuration in jbrowse_conf.json would suffice:

  "datasets": {
     "FlyMine-7227": {
      "url": "?data=",
      "name": "FlyMine"

Once in place, you can visit your JBrowse index.html and see the data from FlyMine.